Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault

"Undoubtedly the greatest American battle of the War"

Take charge of US Allied forces as they face tactical challenges and punishing terrain during a surprise offensive led by the resurgent Oberkommando West. Watch the dramatic Battle of the Bulge unfold through the eyes of three different Officers; experience first-hand the unique struggles they encounter during the war, and how the weight of your actions will shape their future. Bear witness to their heroism in the face of extreme odds, and fight to win control of the strategically critical Ardennes region.

Roles in the project:

Campaign Designer:

Designed scenarios, environments, player objectives, encounters, and in-game cinematics/dialogue for the campaign.

Designed systems and gameplay for the campaign's meta-map.

Technical Designer:

Maintained and improved the existing encounter management systems used to aid and facilitate the mission creation process.

Worked alongside the UI Engineering Lead implementing and debugging features for the campaign's meta-map.

Implemented debugging tools used by QA and Designers.

Developed by Relic Entertainment

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