Solar Safeguard

Space is a cruel mistress

Solar Safeguard is a simple top-down arcade shooter where the player uses orbital platforms to defend 3 planets from incoming asteroids. Each orbital platform can acquire powerups to help defend the planets from increasingly more difficult waves.

The game was developed in the short span of 3 weeks alongside a team of 4 individuals.


As our first stab at creating a Flash game, we wanted to create a simple yet fun arcade experience where the player would always want to try one more round.

We decided to mix up the planetary defense genre by adding multiple orbiting planets. As a consequence, the player must keep track of multiple targets at the same time, as well as anticipate paths of incoming asteroids.

Roles in the project:

  • Team Lead: Oversaw the development of the game.
  • Programmer: Implemented all core game features.

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